KMG Networks

KMG Networks is the content syndication division of Krantz Media Group. We focus on “Best in Brand” Products and Services for all forms of audio and video distribution outlets, including the largest U.S and International radio, radio groups, TV networks and media outlets in the world.

FNTSY Sports Radio

The world’s first and only Radio Network dedicated entirely to inform and engage fantasy fans with news, information, analysis and advice across every sport.

Classic Rock Awards

The biggest rock party of the year, hosted by Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine ft. performances by Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Johnny Depp & more is coming to AXS TV.


allows radio reporters, air talent, and guests to quickly get on the air in broadcast quality simply by launching an app and pressing one button.

Anchor Dashboard

Anchor Dashboard is an automatically-updating info screen for all-news and news/talk. It organizes all the elements you need for local service radio.

Motion Mixes

Motion Mixes revolutionizes the way you integrate music into your live programming.

Yoshiki Live

Although known as the founder of Japan’s biggest rock band X Japan, Yoshiki is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist, composer, and musician.

Country Dashboard

Country Dashboard an automatically-updating info screen that aggregates the latest Country Music and Entertainment news all-news.

Vintage TV

Vintage TV was launched on 1st September 2010 and quickly established itself as the music-lover’s TV channel of choice.

The Studio Center

The Studio Center Network is radio’s essential resource for the highest quality Audio and Video commercial creative in the business.

The Dougherty Report

Elizabeth Dougherty breaks down for listeners the inner workings of our government and answers the pressing questions on the minds of our citizens.

Entercom Live!

KMG is the exclusive national sales representative for Entercom Media’s Live Music, Sports and Lifestyle events.

Mark Weber

“Always in Fashion” goes behind the scenes of the fashion industry and is hosted by one of fashion’s most successful business leaders, Mark Weber, former Chairman of LVMH.